​​We have an Alternate Vision of what we can do to give a hand up to people who either don't meet the criteria for services, have been declined the services they need or have fallen through the cracks.

While we are classified as a Disability Services provider, our focus is on abilities. We don't like the word "Disability". It has such a negative connotation. Every person on this planet has inabilities of one sort or another. Why would we focus on our inabilities and let that define who we are?


We want to shift the focus to Abilities. What are your abilities? How can we help you with your abilities? We will help you discover what they are and help you make the greatest use of your abilities.

While we focus on your abilities, we can find ways to overcome all barriers to employment, independent living, technology, education and any other areas of daily living.

In other words, Our Mission is to provide an Alternative Vision of the future for anyone with a disability by focusing on each individuals Abilities and Strengths.

Together, we can change the world, one ability at a time.

News Story on our "Stores" Grand Opening, April 17, 2017

Overcoming Obstacles