We have grand plans for now and for the future.


When all phases of our current plans are accomplished, it will include all of the following;

  1.  The Assessment Center. See services.  
  2.  The In-House Training Center.
  3.  Job Skills Training and Apprentice Programs.
  4.  Sheltered Workshops (full wages)
  5.  Retail Stores; For training (Selling Low Vision Aids)
  6.  Counseling; including PTSD
  7.  Animal Care and Training Facility. Specifically for deployed or hospitalized servicemen/women's animals, so they can retain ownership of their pet when they return. To train therapy and service animals.
  8.  Pocket Neighborhoods. Two types are proposed.  a. Transitional housing for extended independent living after leaving the training facility, if needed, for as long as needed before the client goes home, if they have a home to return to.                                  b. Veteran Communities
  9.  Working with State and Federal Legislators to create new Tax incentives for employers to open new possibilities for employment and help develop new jobs and new job categories
  10.  Adding more Services as the needs present themselves.

Overcoming Obstacles