Overcoming Obstacles

We accept multiple types of donations, including Real Estate.

You can specify what program/project your funds go to,

or let us use them where we need them.

Please note: 100% of your tax deductible donation goes to the

projector fund you specify. None of it goes to administration

costs or any other undisclosed area.

Projects that need funding:

#1. Low Vision Lab and Training Center.

Renovating the 1100sf space that is next to our office.

Estimated renovation cost 10k - 15k

#2. Low Vision Tech for the Lab (Tablets, Phones, CCTV's, Video Magnifiers, etc.) 

Estimated cost 10K - 30K

#3. Mobile Lab

With a mobile lab, we will be able to go to each community in the State, and serve the people where they live, year round.

Estimated cost of a Travel Trailer $38K, with winter package.

Estimated cost of retrofitting the "Cargo Area" into a lab with handicap access, 5K - 10K.

Estimated cost of Tech.  10k - 30K

Pictured below is the basic layout of the Toy Hauler Travel Trailer or Motorhome (cost unknown) we would need for the lab. This layout would provide ample space for the lab, a bathroom for both Clients and Staff and a private place for the Staff to stay as they traverse the state.

#4. Starting Salaries

Certified, high quality experienced professional staff.

  a). Full-Time Counselor. 52K 

  b). Low Vision Rehabilitation Therapist-Mobility instructor. 52K

  c). Admin. 41K

  d). Bookkeeper/CPA 41K

  e). CEO, (working hands on). 90K

  f ). 3 Assistive Technologies Specialists 35K - 45K

#5 Revolving Fund

A fund to provide tech, training, equipment, etc., to those who can't afford to purchase what they need out-right, with a pay what you can no-interest payment plan and/or for those who can't afford to pay anything and have been denied services elsewhere.

#6 Building Fund

For a comprehensive training facility that will cover all aspects of people with disabilities lives, needs, life skills, jobs skills, etc. 

Projected cost 4 -10M

#7 Handicap accessible vans

Vans to transport clients to and from our centers for services.

To make a monetary donation, Click the donate button, Call or Email us.

For all other types of donations, Call or Email. (406) 799-8600, Jerry@AltVt.org

We also have an AmazonSmile account set up. If you make

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