Overcoming Obstacles

Mission and Vision Statement

  It is the intent of Alternative Vision Training to fill a void in under-served populations that will include but are not limited to those with vision loss, private parties, referrals from state and federal agencies, Veteran’s administrations, Tribal agencies and schools both public and private. The need stretches across socio-economic and cultural borders and will serve children, young adults, seniors, veterans and those who are blind.

  Proposed services will include but are not limited to individual assessments, training for life-skills, job skills, vocational, assistive technology, independent living skills, orientation and mobility, literacy, financial literacy, accommodative actions, PTSD counseling, sensitivity training for family, community and employers, and any other services that will support and empower our served populations to advocate for themselves to obtain a greater quality of life.

  We plan to establish a facility that would allow us to house, train or otherwise care for and work with animals of deployed military or veterans being hospitalized long term. It will allow them to retain ownership of their animals when returning home. The animals will be trained and used as therapy animals during their absence on an as needed basis and breed feasibility.